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See the Absolute, each and everyday


The creasing lines on your face as you smile,

The sweeping of your hair blowing in the wind,

The colour of your hair in the afternoon sun,

The tension in your face before your first job interview,

The messy and unkept mop of the busy student, 

The exhausted face after a long day at work.


At Ikkar, we love all these things for these are the very materials we use. 


To enhance the natural smile lines on your face,

To style your hair to flow beautifully in the breeze,

To brighten the colour of your hair in the warm sunlight,

To make your face shine with

confidence at that job interview,

To tame your overgrown hair as you take

a break from your studies, 

To put a secret smile on that face as you go home. 


Rediscover your fabulous self,

Refine your natural beauty, 

This is the promise of Ikkar.

See the Absolute, each and every day.

Ikkar promise*.png
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