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Products In-Salon

We have introduced a range of different products in our store, which we will be using in different services for our clients and will also be on sale for those who may want to purchase them for themselves. 

These products have all been used and tested by our professionals and have received great reviews. 

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SACHAJUAN - Simplified Hair Care

We have Partnered up with SACHAJUAN, A luxury Hair Care company aiming to create a simple yet most efficient way of taking care and styling your hair. SACHAJUAN provides a range of high quality products to help you create the style you want whether it be from a messy textured look to a nice and clean slick look. 

"SACHAJUAN is based on a  minimalist approach... considering everything from design to the performance of the products. It is about offering solutions that reduce hair care and styling to simplify the process and provide the consumer with the most efficient products."

All SACHAJUAN products contain, what they call, Ocean Silk Technology. This technology include extracts from two different cold water algae called Rhodophycea and Chondrus, which helps with moisture and elasticity of the interior and surface of your hair.


Both environmentally and skin friendly SACHAJUAN aim to provide simple and the best quality of care for your hair and style.  acknowledged by many big companies like Vogue, Cosmopolitan etc. SACHAJUAN are simply the best.

OLAPLEX - Repair, Protect
and Strengthen Hair

Established in 2014 OLAPLEX is a quality brand aiming to change the Future of hair and colour.

Their incorporation of a new ingredient to their product, Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate or as they would call it the "Inventions", has allowed professionals to reach new heights in Hair colour and care. Resulting in more vibrant, bright and radiant colours to the hair, and adding a silky and healthy texture and look to your hair. 

OLAPLEX is currently one of the largest independant Hair care companies with over 100 worldwide patents, Approved by many celebrity colorists and professionals due its innovative products and high quality outcome that is iconic and specific to their brand.

OnYou K-Beauty - Jeju Stellaria

OnYou beauty is a three piece Korean Beauty Product range that has been developed and tested to suit and attend all types of skins and people. The range Includes an Easy-Use Toner Pads, Simple Spray Mist Serum and Instant Hydration Moisturiser. 

All products have been in development for a long time and is now finally open to the public. All made out of a high quality Jeju Stellaria, each product are easy and simple to use and still provides an amazing outcome and treatment to the skin. Dry or oily skin, depending on the order and which products you use the product line will suit all types of people of different ages and skin types. 

Each product has been used by everyone in our team and has left us all more than happy and satisfied with the quality of the products. 


Jeju Stellaria - Toner Pad


Jeju Stellaria - Serum Mist



Jeju Stellaria - Moisturiser


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