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Hair Perm

Our Hair perm services are widely loved by many people and play a crucial role in achieving different types of desired looks. There are primarily two types of perms: heat perms, including setting perms and digital perms, and cold perms. The difference lies in how they create curls in the hair. 

Q. Which perm should I book for the look I want?

A. The answer can be determined after a consultation. 

The most significant factors influencing your hair perm is the condition and quality of your hair, quantity, as well as your everyday lifestyle and haircut. After considering these factors, an appropriate perm technique can be chosen. 


Q. Is it possible to perm after bleaching?

A. It is not possible. 

Attempting to perm hair that has been bleached can result in your hair becoming very damaged and this will hugely impact the outcome of your perm.

Please book a pre-consultation for more details.

Q. How long does the Perm Last?

A. This will depend on the condition of your Hair.

While a perm is permanent, hair roots growing out can lead to looser curls, and the strength of the curls can also affect how they hold up after a haircut. Generally, men may consider re-perming every 2-4 months, and women every 4-9 months

Q. How often should I get a Perm?

A. Generally, men may consider re-perming every 2-4 months, and women every 4-9 months



Q.Why is a patch test necessary?

A. A patch test is essential to identify potential skin reactions

Q.When should I perform a patch test?

A. 48 hours before your colour service

You should typically do a patch test 48 hours before the actual dyeing process to preemptively detect any adverse reactions.



Q. What is Tint?

A. Tint refers to full hair colouring.

Tinting is a process for achieving natural hair colouration by applying the desired colour, whereas bleaching is a treatment that removes pigments and allows you to apply the desired colour on top, making it suitable for achieving various styles like ashy, matte, or pastel tones.

 Q. What is Highlight?

 A. Highlight involves weaving hair strands using foils to complete the look.


Q. If I want to do a full bleach, how many sessions do I need?

A. Please book a consultation!

We need to check your current hair colour, history and condition. Additionally, a patch test is required to ensure the safety and the health of your hair. We appreciate your understanding.



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